OVP RESTful Service

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Token is a unique identifier of the application requesting access to Qmery services. each token will expire after a while. you must get a new token with API call.

Refresh Token is a token to renew token value.

For the first time, login on Qmery dashboard and create a pair of tokens containing token_value and refresh_value. after that, if your token expired, you must refresh tokens, using refresh token API, or create a new pair again in dashborad.


  • Refresh a token

Refresh a token


POST http://api.qmery.com/base/token/refresh

Parameter Type Description Requirement
value text token value Required
refresh_value text token refresh value Required

Response: a 200 OK code and such following json:

    "refresh_value": "0cd0826f2bb82b069618d2399d4b91c61430f5e02",
    "token": "d6de11817213df811ce082aad4afdf92309debd356"

Error list

Code Response Cause
403 Token value is invalid -
403 Token refresh value is invalid -
417 Token can not be refreshed. Get a new one. Maximum refresh number of remembered tokens for reseller is exceeded
500 Internal server error we have some difficulties with the service , try back again later or contact the support team